New Release of Disposable X-Needle Guide V3.0

2021-03-22 14:56:19

At this beginning of 2021, Leapmed launched the New product of the latest version of Ultrasound guided disposable guide. The X-Needle Guide.

Ultrasound intervention has been widely used because of its advantages, no radiation, real-time guidance, and high precision. Studies have shown that biopsies guided by ultrasound needle guide can display needle tip position in real time, reduce infection risk, complications and improve the success rate. The use of needle guide heled the clinician’s procedures by improving the efficiency and reducing infection risks.

In 2016, Leapmed launched the world's first ALL-IN-ONE disposable ultrasound needle guide that brackets and needle guides are all fully disposable, was widely welcomed by clinicians and attracted the attention of the market. The product was sold around the world.


Today, bearing in the spirit of innovation in mind, Leapmed is now launching several international PCT patents protected needle Guide:
X-Needle Guide to the world again.


The new X-Needle Guide features a blue and white color scheme. The bracket frame is white, and the locker switch is blue for easy operation and observation. Angle identification numbers are clearly printed in black font to improve the efficiency.



· The Brackets + needle guides are all fully disposable

· Five angles + free angles in one kit

· One button, Quick release for the  puncture needle

The TWO-IN-ONE innovative design, with five Angle needle groove and a free Angle needle groove in one kit. One-button locker switch ensures that the needle can be displayed in real time both in the direction of the guideline mode or the free angle mode, and the quick and stable release of the needle.


X-Needle Guide has the feature of one-button  quick release, which can release the puncture Needle and bracket with one button operation after puncture, this can help the clinicians to carry out subsequent operations. Compared with the traditional separation method of rotating the  needle slot to release , which may cause needle displacement, this "one-Button Quick Release function does not impact the needle, which ensures the procedure safety and is more convenient to carry out subsequent operations like drainage.


Now, X-Needle Guide are compatible with GE C1-6, Philips C5-1, Siemens 5C1, Siemens 10L4 ultrasonic probe and guidance system.


As the leader of ultrasound interventional consumables, Leapmed will continue to introduce new products to accompany world ultrasound interventional growths!



For more information about Leapmed’s products, please contact your local clinical service representative.